Best Photos of All Time

The best photographs of all time are riveting and compelling. There is a story behind the best photographs that give the photographs a sense of meaning and purpose. The best photographs tell stories that are not easily forgotten. In 1949 a photograph was taken of the artist Pablo Picasso drawing a creature called a centaur with a light pen in mid-air in France. This photograph shows the legendary artist as a vulnerable human being experimenting with new instruments, always on the edge of discovery, much like the life of the artist himself.

The portrait of the Afghan girl with dramatic eyes that look right into your soul appeared on the cover of National Geographic in 1985. The photograph is world famous, riveting, and compelling. Another fantastic photograph is of the man who stood in front of a line of tanks in Bejing’s Tiananmen’s Square on June 5th, 1989. He stood alone in front of armored vehicles holding shopping bags in either hand standing in non-voilent protest. Dorothea Lange’s 1936 portrait of a migrant mother in despair with her two children beside her was taken during the Great Depression in the United States depicting the reality of an impoverished time.

Jodi Cobb’s 1998 portrait of a Huli tribesman in Papua New Guinea is a colorful and hypnotic photograph of a tribe who live in the tradition of their people celebrating their heritage and their unity. Corbis Corp’s Charles Lindbergh is a photograph of the pilot as he visits a huge crowd of onlookers in England inspiring the world to take to the sky and set new boundaries of what can be accomplished by human beings. The photograph of Edmund Hillary standing on the top of Mount Everest is inspirational and breath taking in more ways than one.

The best photographs of all time are the ones that take our breath away, who bring us closer to the human potential we each have, and that open our hearts with compassion to the life and light that is captured inside the frame.